Why is working at FLYLINE a good idea?

Because we rely on teamwork.

With a team of people that represent so many different languages and cultures, a good working relationship is key. That’s why we put so much emphasis on mutual respect at FLYLINE. We value the diversity that our employees bring to the table, and we are proud of the open atmosphere within our teams. Lending each other a hand and working together to provide the best possible customer service: that’s the kind of teamwork we love at FLYLINE.

Because we encourage professional development.

Starting a new job is always exciting: there are new colleagues to meet and new assignments and challenges to tackle. To keep the excitement alive, FLYLINE offers various opportunities for continuing professional development. We take a personalised approach to staff development. Unusual career paths are not a rarity at FLYLINE, simply because we give everyone the chance to find their own strengths and to use them in the best possible way for FLYLINE.

Because we have more to offer.

We expect our staff to be utterly dedicated. And we’re dedicated to them in return, offering an array of perks that make working at FLYLINE even more enjoyable. These range from the option of working from home to benefits such as free commuting with a JobTicket, healthcare and a commitment to work-life balance, to name just a few. We want our employees to feel 100% at home with us.

Why choose to work for FLYLINE?

Our philosophy: putting people first.

Empathy / Solidarity / Customer orientation / Service / Attendance / multicultural

Our people are the ones that make FLYLINE’s excellent service possible. The personalities and perceptiveness of our employees make our customers feel that they are really understood. That’s why we use the same perceptiveness in our dealings with our employees, striving to offer an attractive workplace with a pleasant and truly multicultural team. Languages and strong rhetorical skills are an important prerequisite for working at FLYLINE. We also greatly value a commitment to extraordinary customer service, based on the idea that there is a solution to every problem or concern.

Our corporate culture: come on in and make yourself at home.

Equality / Teamwork / Fun / International

From the first time you step through our doors, you’ll sense the very special atmosphere that sets FLYLINE apart. People from all over the world work here together, learning from one another and teaching one another about their cultures. It is a working relationship marked by tolerance and an appreciation of this dynamic diversity. A real melting pot! Against this multicultural backdrop, FLYLINE offers an approach to human resources that takes into account the expectations that employees have of their supervisors – wherever the team members come from. That means it’s practically impossible not to feel at home with us.

Our values and guiding principles: promoting a spirit of cooperation.

Whenever so many different people come together, common values help to create a pleasant, productive and cooperative environment. That’s why all FLYLINE employees are happy to follow our guiding principles:

“I keep my promises.”

I do what I say. My colleagues can rely on me to be conscientious and supportive, regardless of their position or department. I communicate openly and honestly, am well organised and make sure I inform my colleagues and customers about decisions that affect them.

“I am a part of the FLYLINE family.”

I am a good ambassador for FLYLINE – in everything I say and do. I express myself clearly to everyone, use open and positive body language and have an attitude to match. I am very professional and make sure that my workstation meets FLYLINE’s high standards.


 “I conduct myself appropriately.”

I comply with the principles, guidelines and safety regulations at work. If these standards are not respected by others, I intervene. I remain calm when things get hectic, and happily share my experience and knowledge with my colleagues.

 “I find solutions.”

I take responsibility and use all the available options to find solutions to problems or tasks. If something goes wrong, I apologise sincerely. If a problem occurs, I focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t. Instead of looking to lay blame, I try to find a solution. I find new ways to increase customer satisfaction.

 “I respect individuals.”

I value my internal and external customers as human beings and respect other cultures and opinions. I adapt to the needs and interests of other people and make sure that they feel welcome and at home at FLYLINE.