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Work and leisure: at FLYLINE, we’ve got it balanced.



Work-life balance: this term is often heard in today’s working world. But what does it really mean? Is it just a matter of separating work and leisure and being satisfied with the amount of time devoted to each one? At FLYLINE, we see things differently.


We don’t want you to spend your day clock-watching. Instead, we want you to see your time at work as a fulfilling part of your life – as time spent helping other people, gaining self-confidence, learning, having fun and developing your personality.


The physical and mental well-being of our employees is our top priority, so we work hard to achieve it – by means of health management, flexible working hours and a commitment to work-life balance. If everything is in balance, time spent at work can be a very fulfilling part of our lives.


  • “Can yoga make you happy? Definitely!”

    Sabine Mueller yoga instructor

    “I think that FLYLINE employees – who have to stay alert and concentrate throughout the day – benefit hugely from yoga. Stretching, building strength and relaxing, becoming more aware of your own body and reducing stress ... all of these factors contribute to well-being. With regular practice, yoga has a positive holistic effect. And yes, that definitely makes you happy!

    It’s really easy to offer a yoga course for employees. All you need is a space that offers each participant two square metres to spread out a blanket or yoga mat. Doing a yoga class straight after work is like breathing a sigh of relief. I think that people feel the sense of relaxation yoga offers faster and more deeply after a full day’s work. Employees who take part in the class enjoy mental and physical balance and end their day at work with a special feeling of happiness.”

  • “In the premier league for multiculturalism and sporting performance!”

    Riad Malicaj IT Assistant Processes & Workflow

    “Our company football team, the ‘Flying Dogs’, has played in the Bremen corporate league since 2005. When I started at FLYLINE in 2007, I immediately joined the team as a player, and for the past four years, I have been responsible for the administrative side of things. Due to FLYLINE’s international diversity, I can definitely say that we’re the most multicultural team in the league! With a Turk as goalie, an Albanian (that’s me), an Englishman, a Portuguese player in defence, a Tunisian and an Italian in midfield and a German as forward, we can be relied on to shake up the league.

    We’ve done so well over the past few years that we have repeatedly been promoted, and we even made it into the premier corporate league this year. And of course we have our own fan club who provide great support!”

We care about every single employee’s health.

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With this in mind, we offer a range of options as part of our health management scheme: employees can join our football team, the ‘Flying Dogs’, attend a yoga class or become part of a running club in the local park. During your lunch break, you can book a massage or take part in visual training. We also offer eye examinations and hearing tests with our company doctor directly on site, and if necessary, we even provide special glasses for computer work.

It almost goes without saying that FLYLINE is committed to making all its workstations ergonomic – for example, by offering height-adjustable desks. Our sports and health programme is also supplemented by healthy eating initiatives, such as fruit weeks or complimentary water on hot summer’s days.

We’re delighted to hear about new arrivals – yours included.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. And that doesn’t change when they become parents. Why should it? After having a child, employees tend to add extra skills to their professional and personal skill set that they did not have before, or these skills become more pronounced. Stress resistance, patience and organisational skills – things that parents need every day – make our employees even better at their jobs as well.

Mothers and fathers who work at FLYLINE appreciate the flexibility and support that we offer. As working parents, we want you to be able to organise your work and home life as easily and with as little stress as possible. To help you achieve this work-life balance, we offer flexible working hours, for example, or the option of working from home.

“Family or career? Why choose?”

“I started at FLYLINE as an airline sales agent for Spain in 2008. Today, I work in sales, help to design group tours and work with travel agencies from all over Europe. The interaction with customers of different nationalities makes my everyday work very interesting and exciting, and the diversity of my work requires a great deal of commitment and strong communication skills. I love meeting this challenge every day. Since the birth of my daughter in 2012, I need more flexibility to balance my life as a working mum well and effectively. I have learned to appreciate the flexibility and support that FLYLINE offers me and all of its employees even more. Family and career really are mutually compatible here. Organising our family life is easy and stress-free thanks to the security that FLYLINE offers me and my family, and the trust that they place in me.”

Silvana Franco, Team Iberia agent at FLYLINE

Our work models are very flexible.

Different circumstances require different work models. Naturally, we cannot offer each and every employee an individual schedule, and the most common work model is still full-time (5 x 8 = 40 hours per week). However, we always try to consider our employees’ preferences and adapt their working hours to suit them.

For example, employees who work 30 hours a week can do alternating shifts, either 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. or from 12 noon to 6 p.m. Some also only work the late shift, from 2.20 p.m. to 11.05 p.m., so that they can attend a language class in the morning, for example. At FLYLINE, we are happy to work with our employees to find viable options and a work model that suits everyone.

With us, you can even work from home.

Online / Family / Individual / Unique / Independent

Many of our employees work from home. They may live too far away to commute to Bremen every day, or their circumstances may mean they need extra flexibility. We call this remote working and are happy to offer this option. What matters to us is that you are dedicated and provide first-class customer service – wherever you make your calls from.

We examine and process each remote working request individually and make sure, for example, that the appropriate IT equipment is available. Provided you have the right equipment, proper training and a willingness to take on a high level of responsibility, there is usually no reason why you can’t work from home.