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If you can see yourself working at FLYLINE or starting a traineeship with us and are keen to assume responsibility and make an active contribution, you will be part of our FLYLINE team right from the word go.

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You have two options:

Apply by e-mail

Send a short application consisting of a cover letter and your CV in table form in either English or German to hr@flyline.de. 

Feel free to attach certificates as evidence of your language skills (if the language in question is not your mother tongue). Then bring all your other supporting documentation (school/degree certificates, references from previous employers) with you to your first interview.

Online application form
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Use our application form to apply directly, quickly and easily.

Just select the application option that suits you best. This also applies to speculative applications, which are just as welcome as applications for advertised vacancies. If you have any questions, give us a call!

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Whether you apply by e-mail or using the online form, you’ll hear back from us shortly (usually within 14 days) with a thorough review of your documents and initial feedback.

If you’ve managed to catch our attention in this first step, we’ll arrange a brief telephone interview with you. Then there will be a 2.5-hour selection process that includes a one-on-one interview, comprehensive information about FLYLINE and a short subject-specific test on the computer.

If you make a positive impression on us, we’ll arrange an appointment shortly thereafter to have your language skills assessed over the phone by a language school, if applicable. And hopefully we’ll soon be welcoming you to FLYLINE!

Don’t underestimate your abilities.

Languages / English / Support / Customers

Sometimes it can be difficult to assess your language skills accurately. In particular, the large number of certificates and qualifications from different countries makes things confusing.

In response to this, the Council of Europe in Strasbourg has developed a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages that classifies all European language tests into six levels of difficulty and assigns a corresponding proficiency level: basic user (A1 and A2), independent user (B1 and B2) and proficient user (C1 and C2). To be able to provide adequate customer service in both your chosen foreign language and in English, you usually need a minimum level of language proficiency, which corresponds to level B2.

If you would like to apply for a job with us, you must also provide information on your level of proficiency in the languages you speak. To work out which level you are, click here . Regardless of the information you provide, we will assess your English skills in a face-to-face interview, while your level for other languages will be determined over the phone by a language school.

Questions and answers – vocational training

Which vocational training courses does FLYLINE offer?
• Office management assistant
• IT system integration specialist
• Direct-response marketing assistant

How long does the training course last?
As a rule, three years. In some cases, it may be possible to shorten the training period (subject to good grades and outstanding performance at the company).

How often do trainees go to a vocational school?
Trainee office management assistants go to a vocational school specialising in wholesale, foreign trade and transport twice a week for extra teaching. Our trainee direct-response marketing assistants also go to the vocational school in Bördestraße twice a week. Trainee IT specialists receive a full week of teaching every month at the Europaschule Schulzentrum Utbremen.

Are there any interim exams?
After two years of training, there will be an interim exam, which is carried out by the Chamber of Commerce. Candidates must complete this multiple-choice test successfully before they can pass their final exam.

Will I have to keep a record book?
Yes, reports are produced weekly on the curriculum covered at FLYLINE and the vocational school. These reports must be submitted every month to be checked and signed.

How many traineeships are available at FLYLINE?
Generally, we offer on four traineeships for would-be office management assistants, two for direct-response marketing assistants and one for a trainee IT specialist.

What are the requirements for securing a traineeship?
You must have completed your Abitur or have an equivalent level of education, such as A levels. Since our parent company is British, you should have a basic knowledge of English. We also expect our trainees to have a positive attitude to their chosen profession and to demonstrate a willingness to learn and high motivation.

When and how can I apply?
Courses always begin in August/September. You should apply roughly one year in advance. Please send your brief application by e-mail to hr@flyline.de or apply directly using our online form.

What does the selection process entail?
If we are impressed with your application, we will invite you to an initial interview so that we can get to know each other better. At the end of this interview, we will show you a company presentation and give you a tour of the company, before giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your strengths during a short oral exam. Trainees for administrative professions must also complete a simple written test.

Is there a trial period?
Yes – the trial period for trainees is four months.

What are the prospects of being hired after training?
We like to seize the opportunity to train well-qualified young people. We cannot guarantee you a permanent contract afterwards, but we will give you lots of opportunities. Of course, your prospects also depend on your overall performance with us and at the vocational school.

Questions and answers – general

Who at FLYLINE will decide on my application?
The decision is made by all colleagues involved in the selection process. As a rule, these are the applicant's potential supervisor and one employee from the Human Resources department.

Is there a trial period?
Yes, the trial period at FLYLINE is six months.

Is it possible to see my future workstation?
Yes, each applicant will be given a glimpse of where they would be working.

Is it possible to talk to employees?
Depending on when you come in for the selection process or interview, there may also be colleagues on site who you can talk to.

Airline sales agents receive several weeks of training. What is the induction phase like for other positions?

For all other positions, an individual induction plan is created, which also spans several weeks. In this way, new employees in administrative positions will be given an overview of the workflows in other departments, for example. The programme also involves listening in to the operational teams.

Is overtime paid or compensated with days off?

Every minute of overtime worked is recorded in a working time account. After consultation with your supervisor and with your colleagues, this time can be taken off or – depending on your account balance – paid for (using a factor of 1.5).

Applying at FLYLINE

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If the feeling is mutual, and we believe you would fit in well with our team both professionally and personally, you will receive a written job offer from us within a matter of days.

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