A job at FLYLINE, and so much more!

There are so many good reasons to work at FLYLINE. For example, the fact that you are multilingual, open, articulate and service-oriented – and that you’re looking to incorporate it all into one job. Or the fact that you love interaction and the feeling you get from helping customers. These are all really good reasons. But we’ve added a few extra benefits for you to enjoy every day.


We want you to feel at home here, so we’ve created a bright, airy workplace that you’ll love to return to – in the morning after you’ve used your free JobTicket travel pass, after lunch in our fantastic bistro, or after a wonderful holiday that you got at a great price thanks to FLYLINE, for example.


We also want to help you develop professionally. This starts with your first training course and continues through various personalised development measures that will help you hone your knowledge and skills over time, improving our customer service as you go. We’re not just interested in what you have to offer us; we also offer many attractive and exceptional benefits to you.


  • “Satisfy your urge to travel – at great rates!”

    Katja Waterkamp Human Resources Assistant at FLYLINE

    “If you work for an airline subsidiary, it’s natural to get the travel bug now and then. Usually after just six months of employment at FLYLINE, staff can satisfy their urge to travel with attractive rates on flights, rental cars, hotels and cruises. Personally, in my 18+ years with FLYLINE, I’ve taken advantage of this perk and have actually visited every single continent. I jetted down to South America and sailed with a cruise ship to Antarctica from there. I even tackled a journey lasting over 24 hours to Australia and was lucky enough to get an upgrade to Business Class. If the other end of the world is too far away for you, shoot down to Spain and soak up the sun, or spend a few days Christmas shopping in spectacular New York. It’s worth it!”

  • “Passion can’t be taught? Wrong!”

    Cordula Goj freelance trainer for Call-Center Akademie Niedersachsen

    “The FLYLINE agents’ motto is: ‘I’m passionate about service and sales’. In my training sessions, participants learn that and how it’s possible to convey this passion to customers. I’m pretty dynamic and demonstrative myself, so passing on this passion suits me well. Working with FLYLINE, it strikes me again and again how friendly the whole ‘crew’ is, from the ground crew to the stewards and the pilots. Everyone works in a very constructive, positive and solution-oriented manner. Although my decision to become a freelance trainer was relatively spontaneous, I have been enjoying the job for eight years now! Today, I am pleased to have secured many long-term clients, including Call-Center Akademie Niedersachsen. I am constantly learning something new myself, especially from the international training groups sent my way by FLYLINE. All I can say is: thanks a lot!”

Rely on optimal support.

Highly motivated and fully competent, with a smile in their voice: that’s the secret of those who make FLYLINE a success every day. In fact, it’s not really a secret at all, but the result of personalised support, training and continuing professional development.

A professional five-week training course at the start of your employment will prepare you ideally for your future tasks.


Coaching on the Job
You’ll receive intensive on-the-job coaching during the first few months. Of course, your team leader and experienced sales agents will always be available to answer questions and help you solve issues after that initial period as well.

Personalised continuing professional development
We provide a range of personal and professional development measures tailored to your individual strengths and your job profile, with one question in mind: what skills do you need to do an even better job?

Exploring the world needn’t cost you the earth.

Travel perk

As a travel expert and subsidiary of British Airways, we offer FLYLINE employees attractive travel discounts. In many areas related to tourism and travel, you’ll enjoy extremely attractive rates when you book flights, rental cars, hotels or cruises.

We would love for you to take advantage of this perk to discover new and exciting destinations around the globe – or simply to visit your loved ones in your home country. We hope that you’ll return to the team rested and with many happy memories, ready to share your experiences with colleagues and customers. That’s one of the things that makes FLYLINE so successful and its working atmosphere so special.

Making your commute enjoyable and easy.

At FLYLINE, we want your commute to and from work to be safe and straightforward. That’s why we pay for you to travel to and from work by tram. Specifically, we cover the full cost of a travel pass up to level C. Depending on when you live, that means we will pay for travel worth up to €77 per month/€924 per year* (net cost).

If you live outside zone C but still want to use public transport, all you’ll pay is the difference between level C and your price band.

If you live further away and have to – or want to – travel to work by car, you’ll be given a free parking space right outside the FLYLINE headquarters. It couldn’t be any easier.

* Based on 2015 prices.

Treat your taste buds during your breaks

Fare / Healthy / Relaxation / Balance

 We won’t leave you sitting at your desk with a rumbling stomach. Each and every day, you can enjoy delicious, healthy and inexpensive meals at our FLYLINE bistro. The friendly, courteous bistro team will thoroughly spoil you. Whether you fancy a light salad or a filling lunch, want to grab a quick snack on the go or sit and enjoy a coffee with colleagues, the FLYLINE bistro has it all.

Best of all, when the weather is nice, you can enjoy your well-earned break in our plant-filled courtyard. It’s the perfect place to eat, relax and unwind.