Job entry and careers at FLYLINE

Uniting the world.

Travel and language are key, because both help to overcome barriers between people and countries. FLYLINE helps to bridge this distance. Our five-star service is what sets us apart for our customers. We recruit people who are empathetic and believe in our philosophy for success: that we can talk openly about anything and that there is a solution to every problem.

Job entry and careers

Conveying closeness.

You don’t have to be face to face to convey closeness – you can do it over the phone too. Because closeness is achieved through empathy, insight into the needs of others and a desire to respond patiently to those needs. If you have these skills, then come to FLYLINE, or ... just stay at home! Our remote working model allows you to work for us from home if you have everything we’re looking for.

Job entry and careers

Improving day by day.

Without this aim, and without our pioneering spirit, we would certainly not be the FLYLINE we are today. We strive to keep improving and welcome that same spirit in our employees, which is why we do all we can to foster it. If you’re willing to learn and move forward with us, we look forward to helping you set yourself new goals.

Job entry and careers

Current job vacancies

  • “You just feel right at home.”

    Paulo Jorge Santa Lopes Agent for the Amadeus-Help-Desk-Team

    “I started my career in the tourism industry as a trainee at a hotel in Bremen. In 2000, I began working for FLYLINE, initially on the IATA team, and later in the group travel department. Whichever department I worked in at FLYLINE, I always met friendly and fascinating people in a multicultural environment. I’m still friends with many of the people I met in the early days!
    After seven years at FLYLINE, I moved on to pastures new. I remained in the tourism industry and tried various things, but I always stayed in touch with FLYLINE. When I heard that FLYLINE was looking for new staff for the Amadeus Help Desk, I finally returned – and immediately felt like I’d never left.
    You feel right at home and are warmly welcomed right from the start. For me, that’s what sets this company apart – that and its many interesting fields of work and varied opportunities for staff. It’s easy to be passionate about FLYLINE.”

  • „Greatings from the Netherlands“

    Johanna van Dijk Remote Airline Sales Agent

    “This heading perfectly describes my special position as a FLYLINE employee: many airline sales agents work from home, but I even work from abroad! I started at FLYLINE in 2001 because they were looking for people who could speak Dutch, and I already had experience of working in the tourism industry. I worked as an airline sales agent in Bremen for seven years before deciding to move back to the Netherlands. When I told the company that I had decided to move back, they suggested I work for FLYLINE from home. Of course, I immediately said yes! I still work with Executive Club customers, but I also work in the commercial sector for the Benelux countries now. And I take calls from lots of different countries – in Dutch, German, English and sometimes French, if my colleagues are really busy. The fact that I have the chance to speak all these different languages every day is what I love most about my job.”

  • “On board from day one.”

    Wendy Pagels Assistant Management

    “Travelling has always fascinated me. I trained as a qualified travel agent and spent some time in London before studying business administration and tourism in Düsseldorf. I started working at FLYLINE in 1995. The company had just been founded and their contract with British Airways was in the bag. I was the first official employee! As an executive assistant, I now arrange business trips, manage appointments, supervise trainees, organise conferences and provide project support. I’ve been watching the company grow and prosper for 19 years. Of course, the first few years are never easy. But they helped us bond as a team. We have – and always have had – an amazing team spirit, even when things are hectic. That’s just one of the many reasons why I have stayed with the company right from the start.”

  • “You don’t know until you try!”

    B. A. Timo Hollwedel started as an airline sales agent in 2001 and has been Airport Manager for Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen since 2014

    “After spending time in the military, I started at FLYLINE as a sales agent in 2001. It was only supposed to be a temporary job to get me back into the working world. But since I had always had a knack for IT, I applied internally for a job as a software developer after just nine months, and got it! In 2007, I became Process Coordinator at the parent company British Airways, and in 2012, I moved to the Operations department, where I began a job as Airport Manager for Hanover. Since October 2014, I have been the Airport Manager for Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen: I head up the customer service team with more than 60 employees and oversee the British Airways Customer Service and Operations departments at these three airports. And it all began with the intention of working at FLYLINE temporarily! They gave me the opportunity to prove myself. I took advantage of that chance, and I’m still grateful to FLYLINE today.”

Direct entry

Support / Advice / Language / International / Challenge / Team spirit / Communication



Bored? Not with 52 nationalities under one roof!

At FLYLINE, you can use your language skills to make money. We are always looking for new talent. About 400 people from 52 countries currently work for us – and that number could rise quickly if we secure large projects and customer contracts.

With so many nationalities, cultures and personalities under one roof, there’s a lot going on. That’s partly because all of our employees are quick-witted, articulate types. We love our global FLYLINE family. Things never get dull.

Are you interested in becoming part of the global FLYLINE family?

If so, you should tick these boxes:

  • Multilingual 
  • Team player
  • Service-oriented and helpful 
  • Fast learner
  • Excellent communication skills

Remote Working

Advice / Language / International / Working from home / Family / Communication skills / Online



Stay at home and make money!

The person at the other end of the line doesn’t care where you’re calling from. All that matters is that you give the best service possible. So if you want to work for us from home, we’re happy to make that happen.

After several weeks of training in Bremen, you can start working independently. We’ll keep in close contact by means of direct messaging or phone and video conferences.

In addition to the skills listed under “Direct entry”, there are a few technical requirements that must be met (broadband connection, router/modem and Internet flat rate).


Continuing professional development / Specialisation / Future / Work and family / Career advancement / Career opportunities


Let us show you what you’re made of.

There is always an opportunity to grow. That’s why we offer each and every employee personalised support to help them keep developing or even change direction within the company. We’re always looking towards a successful future.

FLYLINE’s approach to career advancement is varied and personal. Here’s just one example: we offer targeted training to employees who already speak a foreign language well so that they can take calls in that language.

We also support a healthy work-life balance: our remote working programme is just one of the many ways in which we help working parents.

Quote by Timo Hollwedel:

"You don't know until you try!"

Timo Hollwedel started as an airline sales agent in 2001 and has been Airport Manager for Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen since 2014