Part of the team from day one.

FLYLINE is able to offer high-quality training for one simple reason: we enjoy working here ourselves! Not only do we find it easy to pass on our knowledge and experience to junior staff – it gives us great pleasure as well.

Trainees are a welcome addition, and a full part of the team from day one. Right from the start, we expect dedication and enthusiasm from our trainees as they work independently to solve specific tasks. 

Completing a vocational training course at FLYLINE means expanding your expertise every day, on the job.

Currently, you can complete the following vocational training courses at FLYLINE:


Current traineeship openings

  • “Training in an international atmosphere.”

    Nele Katharina Mandalka Apprentice office management at FLYLINE

    “When I first left school, I didn’t have a particular career path in mind. Thanks to the advice I received from the German Federal Employment Agency, I found something that interested me: the job of an office management assistant. I came across FLYLINE when I was looking for somewhere to do my training. After the first round of interviews, I was very impressed by the company, its philosophy and the pleasant working environment. I immediately loved the international atmosphere. First, I was invited to attend an interview along with several other candidates, then later I had a one-to-one interview with the training supervisor and a member of staff from the Human Resources department. This focused on me as an applicant and on my strengths, weaknesses and expectations of the training course. I obviously made a good impression because I’ve been training as an apprentice office management assistant at FLYLINE ever since– and I love it!”

  • “I came to FLYLINE, and stayed.”

    Lisa Tinnemeyer Operations Assistant

    “During my three-year apprenticeship at FLYLINE, I have had the opportunity to work in various departments, including IT, Customer Relations British Airways, HR, Sales, Finance and Phone-Based Customer Services. Working for the company has also presented me with various other opportunities, such as entering the Germany-wide competition for direct-response marketing trainees, ‘Young Professionals – Talente im Dialog’, in Berlin.In addition to phone-based customer services/care, some of the key components of the apprenticeship are HR management and project design and realisation. In the last six months of my apprenticeship, the opportunity arose for me to apply for a vacancy internally. Following an internal selection process, I will now be staying with the company after my three-year apprenticeship. I have great co-workers who will support me and assist me as I pursue my career.

  • “Thanks to FLYLINE, I’m one step ahead.”

    Nadine Rodekamp trainee direct-response marketing assistant at FLYLINE

    “As a trainee direct-response marketing assistant, I’m part of an in-house project at FLYLINE. Here, you are put into the role of a team leader, overseeing human resources management and planning costs and revenues, and you are responsible for training ‘your’ team and solving problems independently. Although a project of this size is intimidating at first, you move forward step by step and grow with each task. And you definitely learn things that will help with your training course and later on – something that might just put you one step ahead of your classmates.”

Office management assistant

Projects / Diversity / Communication / Customer contact / Team spirit / Finances

What will my training entail?

By the time you’ve completed training, you will know the company inside out. Our up-and-coming office management assistants organise and manage office tasks and take care of jobs in areas such as order processing, procurement, accounting, marketing and human resource management. During your training, you will spend most of your time in the Finance, HR, Administrative Assistance, Sales and IT departments. In addition, you will choose two additional qualifications at the beginning of the course, such as office management, HR, administrative assistance or secretarial services. .


What interests and abilities should I have?

  • An interest in administrative, organisational, commercial and advisory activities
  • Thoroughness, diligence and attention to detail
  • An open, communicative manner and a love of customer contact


What will I be able to do once my training is complete?

  • Organise, coordinate and carry out office appointments and processes
  • Create different types of texts and letters
  • Help organise business trips
  • Participate in meetings and write minutes
  • Accounting: log receipts and keep records of current, asset and operating accounts
  • Collect, process, analyse and graphically display statistical data
  • Process applications and staff data

IT system integration specialist

Technology / Smartness / Diversity / IT /Communication

What will my training entail?

As a system integration specialist, you will provide customised ICT solutions and link hardware and software components to create complex systems. Your training will mostly take place in the IT department, but we make it a point to give you a broader set of skills. With this in mind, we won’t just give you technical training – we’ll also make sure you gain business skills by spending time in our Finance and Controlling department. At FLYLINE, you’ll be the main point of contact for all users, and often their saviour when it comes to resolving IT problems. With this type of direct contact, you’ll be consistently improving your service skills too.


What interests and abilities should I have?

An interest in theoretical/abstract, practical/concrete, organisational and testing activities Technical knowledge, fine motor skills An empathetic manner; a team player who enjoys communicating with people

What will I be able to do once my training is complete?

Put ICT systems into operation Plan, implement and evaluate projects Design and implement complex systems by integrating software components Operate telecommunications systems Diagnose and fix glitches Present system solutions Provide professional advice and training to system users

Direct-response marketing assistant

Unique / Communication / Support / Service / Autonomous / Consulting

What will my training entail?

Training as a direct-response marketing assistant at FLYLINE will teach you how to use the latest communication tools professionally in an increasingly fast-paced information society. You will learn how to communicate effectively, act in a cost-conscious manner and offer the end-customer suitable solutions through impeccable service. Most of your training will take place in the Customer Service department – specifically in the Customer Contact Centre – but you will also spend time in the Human Resources, Finance, IT and Administrative Assistance/Sales departments. By taking part in the unique FLY KLICS in-house project, you’ll have the chance to serve as a team leader during your training and to gain valuable experience.


What interests and abilities should I have?

  • An interest in advisory, business-related, organisational and administrative activities
  • Strong communication skills, negotiation skills, customer and service focus
  • A team player with an open, friendly attitude



 What will I be able to do once my training is complete?

  • Organise telemarketing-related services
  • Conduct telephone conversations professionally
  • Develop and implement direct marketing strategies
  • Plan campaigns and projects
  • Advise, retain and attract customers
  • Establish and maintain databases


“FLYLINE offers trainees lots of opportunities that they can’t get elsewhere – opportunities that really help you to grow!”

Nadine Rodekamp, trainee direct-response marketing assistant at FLYLINE

Well prepared for a successful future.

Quality / Prospect / Communication / Future / Promotion

 Of course we love to fill vacancies with our own former trainees – but that may not always be possible. Unfortunately, like all large companies, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer you a permanent contract once your training is complete. 

However, thanks to the high quality of training at FLYLINE, you will have acquired so much knowledge and self-confidence and such good communication skills by the end of your three-year course that you will have all sorts of opportunities at other companies too. To better prepare you for working life during your traineeship, we also offer additional services such as office training, business etiquette for trainees, exam preparation courses and English classes. 


What prospects will I have after training as ...

an office communications assistant?

  • Employment in an administrative department (e.g. HR, administrative assistance or finance)
  • Further training to become a business administrator or management expert at a specialised college (two-year course)
  • Further training to become an accountant
  • Taking a degree course at a university or college (i.e. in economics)

a direct-response marketing assistant? 

  • A job at a call centre for an industrial, commercial or service company or at another organisational unit which focuses on dialogue
  • Further training to become an office and project organisational assistant, a foreign trade assistant, or a purchasing and logistics assistant
  • Further training to become a management expert and to specialise in other fields such as marketing, production, HR or controlling
  • Taking a degree course at a university or college

 IT system integration specialist?

  • A job in the IT department of a business
  • Further training to become a software developer or an IT project coordinator
  • Further training to become a computer management specialist or an expert in information processing management
  • Taking a degree course at a university or college (e.g. computer science, IT or business computing)

International diversity and a pleasant working atmosphere

International diversity and a pleasant working atmosphere are what make FLYLINE so special for me. I joined FLYLINE two years ago as an apprentice for office management. Focal points for me are Management Assistance and the Human Resources Department.

During my time with the management asisstants, I took part in the organisation of our 20th company anniversary which was an interesting task. I was allowed to put forth my own ideas which have been realized. I have only learned but also implemented all important organisational process steps. It was so good to see an idea become a reality.



"It was so good to see an idea become a reality"

Within the HR department, I have to deal with external applicants a lot, who join us from all over the world. It´s really fascinating to get to know different people and cultures. Wether from Congo, New Zealand or Azerbaijan - it´s always thrilling to hear what brings the people to FLYLINE.

Broad-mindedness towards others and team work are two things which perfectly describe my usual FLYLINE working day. Because no matter which department you have currently joined, you will always recognise how important it is that all FLYLINERs with their different cultures and facets act in concert to work together successfully.

Farid Aouci-Karagil, trainee office management assistant at FLYLINE

Current traineeship openings

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