Corporate Culture at FLYLINE

From the very beginning I felt welcomed at FLYLINE and always received support when needed. But what exactly does FLYLINE offer? And how do the values of their corporate culture actually work in practice?

Right from the beginning I got the first answers to these questions. Immediately after I started at FLYLINE, I noticed the friendly atmosphere. It is a relaxing environment where hierarchical divisions are hard to see. I still remember my first day at training and discussing our first impressions with other new starters. Everyone's feedback regarding the work environment was “friendly people and lots of support.”

Flexible working time models? No problem!
What I really appreciate about FLYLINE's corporate culture is flexibility. Whether regarding working hours, your vacation days or changing to a part-time contract, the company is quite flexible, providing what best suits each employee whenever possible. Many of my colleagues joined the company while still students – me included. I still needed to finish my master thesis, and working a full-time job made it a hard task to complete. I requested a temporary part-time contract, and it was approved immediately. Furthermore, they were very understanding of the stress and work-overload I had as the deadline of my thesis approached. Taking this into consideration, FLYLINE granted my request for a few weeks of unpaid leave and also allowed me to postpone training for British Airways’ loyalty program. I doubt I would have had this much support in another company. In the end, I had the time and support to successfully complete my master thesis, go back to work full-time and still enjoy some vacation days later.

Flexibility is not only offered in such exceptional situations, but also in day-to-day working life. The department I work for – which handles calls from the UK and US markets - rotates each week in two different shifts. This gives us the opportunity to attend morning appointments at the bank, dentist, immigration office or any other public institution which has reduced opening hours. Of course, we can also request a shift change or undertime when we need it, and the company is very flexible and supportive towards this.

Team spirit is taken seriously
This supportive attitude is not only found in the operational and management department. The job as a Customer Service Agent itself requires direct support, especially when you are new. Nobody – whether they are supervisors or other colleagues – ever hesitates to provide that support. This is what gave me more confidence to take calls when I first started. 

Customers notice if the employee is happy. FLYLINE knows that good customer service is provided when employees are happy, and the team-oriented culture in FLYLINE makes it easier to achieve this. The atmosphere is very friendly, not only within the individual teams, but also between the teams and departments. We have team and company events that allow us to socialize outside work as well.

In my previous jobs, I’d meet colleagues during work time and discuss work-related issues only. But when you come to a foreign country – like me – university or work is the first place you make new friends. Having a full-time job where you spend most of your everyday life, it is important to have colleagues that you can consider friends and also rely on outside of work. This is what I found at FLYLINE. My colleagues are also my friends. This motivates me to come to work, because I know that even during those tough days and situations, there will be nice people around to talk with and help cheer me up.  

The team and company events range from normal team meetings, to team outings or after work drinks with the motto “Thirsty Thursday” to sport events and friendly competitions between teams. These events help us bond with each other, work together towards mutual goals and embody the values of our company.

What makes FLYLINE special
Team spirit is what makes FLYLINE special to me and I am obviously not the only one with this opinion. I asked some of my colleagues “What do you value most about FLYLINE?” in order to get broader feedback and complement what I have written here. Here are the answers I received:  

  • “Management flexibility. They are very understanding and value their employees, not like in other companies” - Kritika 
  •  “Flexibility and people!” - Brad 
  • “Environment and people!” - Vito  
  • “Professional management staff and the leadership style. I like the training program and the good service philosophy. I have great incentive to move forward.” - Antwoine 
  • “People and the events we organize together, parties, Thirsty Thursdays, etc. There is nice atmosphere and I also like the benefits we get from the company, like discounts and transportation tickets.” - Carolyne.    


Position at FLYLINE: 
Customer Service Agent 

European Studies & Business Management

At Flyline, because …
…as travel enthusiast she can connect hobby with her job.

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