Discover the World as a Benefit? I’m in!

Working at FLYLINE is not only fun and full of opportunities, but also provides great benefits including travel discounts, transportation flexibility and gastronomic advantages around our premises. Today, let’s focus on travel and transportation. Why? Simply because this reward is the most important for myself and my family. 

As I mentioned in my last Article, we are located in Bremen, Germany. This means I live 11,699 km away from my hometown Mar del Plata, a beach town in Argentina, so you can imagine how important it is for me to be easily connected with my family and friends. As an employee of FLYLINE, it is possible through one of our most appreciated benefits: Staff Travel.

Flexible and affordable flying thanks to Staff Travel
Staff travel allows employees to fly standby with British Airways and our partner airlines (i.e. Iberia and American Airlines). When I want to travel, I just buy a bargain-priced standby ticket, pay airport taxes, then go to the airport and let the adventure start. 

Flying standby means that if there is an available seat on your desired flight you fly; otherwise you wait and try again on the next flight. Generally, this is not a problem. However, seats can run short to destinations where there is only one flight per day and some destinations are more complicated to reach them than others. So when you choose to fly to a city where we only offer one flight a day and you know the flight is getting full, you better have a plan B. It is at that moment when the adrenaline kicks-in.

Business Class becomes affordable
Once you have passed your 6-month probationary period at FLYLINE, you can enjoy this brilliant benefit. When I started, I couldn’t wait to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. From the moment I became entitled to use staff travel, I began to discover the most amazing places in the world. Now it is a major part of my life. My first trip was to Hawaii, followed by Tokyo, Thailand, New York, Miami, Cancun, Cape Town and Namibia, amongst other destinations on my bucket list. Once I visited all the locations on my list, I finally started to fly home more often.

Not only is the standby travel option great because of the economic benefit, it also provides fantastic flexibility. Imagine having the flexibility to purchase a ticket today to fly tomorrow to Buenos Aires. To a person as fond of travelling as me, this is a wonderful option to have. And if you don’t use the ticket, you can get a full refund. In addition to this already great option we have the premium standby ticket. With this ticket, you can choose to pay a slightly higher fare and you can have the opportunity to fly in business class when there are seats available. This is perfect for visiting my family since Buenos Aires is one of the farthest destinations we fly to—a 14-hour flight. The comfort of our Club cabin is a perfect option for such a long journey in addition to being treated to great meals onboard. 

Travelling Together is the Best
Usually, I do not go on vacation alone. I like to share experiences with my friends and my lovely travel partner: my mom! Staff travel is already a great benefit—but even better, it doesn’t leave you flying alone. You can nominate two people to enjoy this benefit with you. In my case, my mother is on my list, and she is a staff travel fan, too. She has tried all the cabins already: from first class to the terrible but magical jump seat!

Staff travel is – whatever booking type you choose—a very special experience. Getting to the airport, being recognized as a work colleague, the crew’s welcome: all of this makes me feel more like a part of the airline.

Transportation benefits: Not just for big journeys
The staff travel proposition is great, but it is not the only transportation benefit that FLYLINE provides. In day-to-day life the Job Ticket I receive as a FLYLINE employee allows me to use public transportation in Bremen and the surrounding area. This is a great benefit which not only ensures my transport to work, but can be used 24/7 to get around the city. And it comes with an extra perk: it can be used for a travel companion as well all-day Saturdays and Sundays, and after 7pm on weekdays. This is a good option when you have visitors over a longer period of time. 

For me it will soon be time to say: on to the next destination! Where? This will be a snap decision, of course.

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