Which skills FLYLINE employees need to be successful

More than 400 Customer Service Agents are part of FLYLINE’s telephone support network for various industry sectors; the majority of which are focused on the airline industry. However, hotel chains and car rentals also make up a large part of the company’s business.

The operational tasks range from advisory services, technical solutions, reservations and the booking of flights, and much more. In order to be successful at delivering these services our colleagues need a particular set of skills, including multilingual capabilities and a service-oriented mentality.

Language skills are the key
One thing can be said without an inkling of doubt from FLYLINE: there is an exceptional amount of multi-lingual talents within the company. This is ideal, since we offer services and solutions for our customers in many different languages. Good rhetoric skills and profound multi-lingual capabilities are some the most essential traits for working at FLYLINE, with the English language being mandatory for all of our Service Agents. We offer our services in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Turkish and Russian, so it’s not surprising that many colleagues will not only speak one or two languages, but rather three or four. 

The customer is king
In addition to the linguistic expertise, FLYLINE focuses on having Customer Service Agents that are passionate about their work.  Therefore, it’s essential that every Flyliner enjoys dealing with people, communicating ideas and loves helping others.

In our industry, a service orientated mentality, friendliness and a can-do attitude ensures a great customer experience. For us, the famous saying is true: the customer is king. We rely on empathy and creativity to carry the FLYLINE success story forward; there’s no problem that can’t be discussed and solved. A particularly great example of this solution-oriented attitude of our Service Agents is shown by my colleague Jonida in the following article.

Teamwork and independence
At FLYLINE we know teamwork is best, and team spirit is paramount. A cornerstone of this is shown in the daily work of the company: if an agent doesn’t know something when handling a call, he or she can at any time ask a free colleague, Supervisor or Team Leader for help. Just as important, is the culture of independent decision making and taking responsibility for actions. This mixture of team work and independent decision-making ensures FLYLINE consistently provides the optimum result: great customer experiences and happy employees.

Passion for travels and cultures 
Right after the first visit to FLYLINE, the special atmosphere within the company is very palpable. People from all over the world work side-by-side and learn from each other, so cultures from around the globe are brought together under one roof. Not only that, but this working environment is characterized by always having respect and tolerance for every colleague. We are true melting pot of cultures. Naturally, FLYLINE is all about sharing, travelling and discovering new countries, regions and cultures.


Position at FLYLINE: 
Manager Human Resources & People Development 


At FLYLINE, because …
… she loves the travel industry and working together with people.

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