Family and Job? It Works!

As the saying goes, living and working in Germany is enough training of its own for a Personal Assistant´s position. We both know this statement is not true, but do you get the satire? Think about all the tasks, papers, appointments, registrations, shopping and so on, which one must keep track of in order to lead a sane life. How do you juggle work, family and administrative activities in such a way as to keep each aspect of your life afloat? If you´ve been working for at least six months, chances are that you´ve found a way to manage work along with the personal aspects of your life - depending on your daily, weekly or monthly routines, your to-do list might vary in length.

From my experience, working as a parent can be challenging, especially if these bundles of joy still depend on us for feeding, soothing and supervision. One may even find oneself caught up between overlapping appointments, parent-teacher meetings, basketball trainings, piano lessons and the list goes on. One thing I am particularly grateful for, working at FLYLINE, is its family friendly culture. Parents at FLYLINE are provided with a range of options which make it possible for them to work without short-circuiting their parental responsibilities.

Everything under control thanks to home office
One such alternative is home office - or “Working Remote” as we call it in-house. Take Edith´s case for example: She and her husband both work on fulltime schedules. She works in German, French and English, serving the Executive Club, Public, Trade and Backoffice. In the wee hours of the morning she´ll prepare her kids for school, pack up their lunch boxes and bid them a beautiful day as the climb aboard the school bus. With the remaining hour, or hour and a half, prior to the start of her shift, she can cook what her babies will eat in the afternoon upon their return from school, run the washing machine or do something else that she can quickly tick off the day´s To-do list. When her children went to the kindergarten her shift ended at 2:00pm. This gave her the much-needed time to maintain her home and tend to her kids. Now that her children are somewhat independent, she doesn´t have to stop working at 2:00pm. She can just use her lunch break – which understandably will be longer than the standard - to take care of her kids: discussing the events of the day while dishing out their meal, go through their books and set them their assignments. When her lunch break is over, she resumes work while the kids finish their homework or head off to a sport activity. By the end of her eight-hour shift, the kids have showered, been to school and back, eaten, done their assignments and even vacated to their various activities, and she has had a distraction-free day. Now that´s what I call the multitasking efficiency of working from home!

Switching shifts – simply flexible
Another option that we employees of FLYLINE are graced with, is the roster change, a topic my colleague Jonida wrote about. Have you ever had an appointment that could one way or the other bite into your working hours? This is where the roster change request comes in. Personally, I try to have my appointments before 9:00am or after 4:00pm. I can then request to move my shift an hour earlier or later in order to avoid an undercut of my hours. 

In situations that necessitate way more than an hour, when taking my son to one of his medical visits for example, or when attending a Parents and Teacher´s meeting at his kindergarten, I can request undertime. This is the reduction of my working hours for the said day. Depending on the situation or circumstances, I can also request an entire day off. What I habitually do when planning a trip or vacation, is to make allowance for what I call “recovery day”. If you´re like me, after all the excitement with friends and family and the flights to and from your place of leisure, you need at least a day of peace and quiet with little to no activity. This day of peace is my recovery day. If I don´t have enough vacation days to accommodate it, I request undertime. One requests hours or a day off having enough supplementary hours – what we call overtime –  in one’s account to cover the cut. 

With these examples I provided of FLYLINE´s flexibility and family friendly culture, I appreciate the possibility to full time as a wife, mother and Agent. I see it like eating my cake and having it too.

Diane Tindjou

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… sie hier auf Französisch und Englisch arbeiten kann, während sie dank flexibler Arbeitsmodelle Job und Familie vereinbart.

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