My daily routine as a Supervisor

Most people pick Friday as the best day to work. Well, that’s not the case with me as I love Mondays. Not only was I born on a Monday, but it’s also because of the 100% energy level. But what does a normal Monday as a Supervisor at FLYLINE look like?

Kicking off my day: Mails & Messages
The early shift starts at 08:55h and runs to 17:40h. It takes me ten minutes to reach FLYLINE by bus. I make sure that I get my coffee and receive smiles and warm greetings from lovely colleagues - FLYLINER are the best and warmest co-workers. I always get ready to hear Hola, Guten Morgen, Salam, Good Morning and many other kinds of greetings, because we are a variegated team from numerous nations. Right after arriving at my desk, I sign into the telephone system and then start my PC to check emails and other news, in order to be able to update my knowledge to be able to help customers and fellow colleagues.  

First two hours: Services for customers and colleagues

Now the actual work starts: which means for me – as for all other Customer Service Agents working for British Airways: helping the customers who call us to solve their problems. When a customer calls and has an issue or question about their booking or Executive Club Account that needs to be handled, I open the customer’s booking or Executive-Club account in the system and response to their inquiries and concerns. Hardly a day goes by without new challenges or a situation I have never come across, this is the best thing about my job; there is always something to learn.

After working for two hours I take a 10-minute break, intended to rest my eyes and mind. Most of the time is used for Facebooking or Whatsapping - like most Flyliner. Then it’s back to work: in addition to dealing directly with customers’ requests, I help and coach other colleagues to develop their technical and communication skills. Another thing I really appreciate in my job: creating and maintaining positive relationships with our customers as well as with my colleagues.

Lunchbreak: Food and BilliardAfter working for four to five hours, it is time to have a 45 minutes lunch break. Apart from enjoying some food, my lunchbreak means one thing especially: time for pool billiard. The lunch break should be organised in a way that Omar Woodard and I can play a game of pool. We are very competitive and both of us want to win; no one wants to lose. I always look forward to this break as it helps me to freshen up for rest of the day.

The afternoon: Time for Back-Office
Re-invigorated and full of new energy, it’s now time to do some back-office work: reissuing flight tickets, adding extra bags or seats. I usually prioritise my tasks in a way that I can maximise productivity and meet my team’s needs. Then I evaluate some calls from my agents and organise feedback sessions. Quality monitoring really helps to improve the skills of each team member and identify skills gaps. We provide individual learning opportunities where there are deficiencies, so that everyone can improve. 

Finish: Ende gut, alles gut
After completing the most urgent tasks, it’s time to take another break. Small breaks are especially effective for increasing productivity and creativity, which is reason enough for me to make use of the small breaks regularly. Most of the time I use them to catch up with my regular prayers - as a Muslim I pray five times a day. It helps my brain rest and to switch down a gear, to free my mind from everyday work.

The last part of my day is usually spent finishing the pending tasks: writing/replying to emails, finishing complicated cases, calling customers back and completing my to-do list. Before I run to catch my bus, I make sure my desk is clean. Throw away unnecessary papers and shred all customer data such as contact numbers, booking references etc.  Why it is necessary to finish your day on a happy note? Because in German we say “Ende gut alles gut”.


Position at FLYLINE: 
Customer Service Supervisor for the UK/US-market 

Bachelor of Business Administration

At FLYLINE because …
…of the fantastic colleagues.

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