Enjoy working as a result of sport offers

I’ve sometimes thought that FLYLINE looks like a miniature version of an Olympic Village, particularly when one looks at extensive array of activities that our job offers: from team sports like football, basketball and cricket to charity endurance races and badminton - we have something for everyone. In FLYLINE it’s all about having fun at the workplace, fostering camaraderie between colleagues and finding the perfect work-life balance. Essentially, it comes down to doing the sport you like with the people you like - I find that to be the key to working a desk job. Personally, I particularly enjoy football, cricket and the endurance run. I mean, think about it: cricket. When’s the last time you heard about anyone playing cricket in Germany? 

For the players and fans alike: FLYLINE-Football
The annual FLYLINE football tournament is a highly colorful and impactful event for the fans and footballers alike. One of my Italian colleagues, Giovanni, goes as far as describing the tournament as “an event full of epic challenges, sensational offensive plays and intense tit-for-tat matches”. Those nail-biting matches are always worth it - whether you’re joining in as one of the Messis, Neymars or Ronaldos or shouting at the top of your lungs as a spectator. It’s guaranteed that the Flying Dogs, our Football Team, are always keen to join the next available tournament.

Multicultural even in sports: cricket at FLYLINE
Although cricket isn’t yet a big hit in Germany, it’s quickly becoming one of the most followed trends with our Flyliners, particularly as our multicultural character adds flavor to this sport (Link to Diversity article). I’m hopeful that cricket being one of the most popular sports in the world will bring its rich culture and tradition to Bremen, just like it did in my home country of Pakistan.  

In a quest to make cricket desirable to many Flyliners, we‘ve created a team that is sure to sting its opponents as the name suggests: The FLYLINE Stingrays. Naturally, having our company such a diverse background, The Stingray’s are comprised by players from all over the world.


Stay healthy and run for good cause - company runs
How about the people who like a bit more scenery? Regardless if you’re into a bit of jog to stay fit, running for charity or it’s just relaxing, you’ll always find like-minded Flyliners having a run here and there. 

With a heavy focus on the yearly charity and competitive runs, such as the “BMW-Firmenlauf” or the “Lauf zur Venus”, FLYLINE's runners are always the active bunch in the company, particularly when it comes down to taking action for a noble cause. Whether you’re going for a friendly nation-vs-nation match, competing between departments or simply trying to show the boss who’s the boss, one thing is certain: it’s always fair play and fun with our crew.


Position at FLYLINE: 
Customer Service Supervisor for the UK/US-market 

Bachelor of Business Administration

At FLYLINE because …
…of the fantastic colleagues.

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