Recognition for outstanding service: The Golden Ticket

It’s always nice to gain recognition for what you do. For this reason, British Airways (BA) introduced a nice option for their frequently flyer, to show their appreciation – the Golden Ticket.

Loyalty is rewarded: The British Airways Executive Club

If someone flies a lot with BA, they can become an Executive Club (EC) member. As an EC member, every flight brings a different amount of so-called tier points – depending on the ticket type and fare class. The more tire points collected, the higher the status for British Airways. Beginning with Blue, over Bronze and Silver up to Gold Membership. This special status is not so easy to achieve – Gold Members spend a lot of time and money with British Airways. And that's why they enjoy a lot of benefits with us, like special waiting lounges and faster check-ins. It also means that, since they fly so much with British Airways, they call us quite frequently and sometimes even have a favorite Customer Service Agent. Because of their Gold membership, we have more possibilities to help them - much more than other passengers.

Gold Member and the Golden Ticket

When we go above and beyond for them, Gold Members can award us agents. This award is nothing material nor a service, it's called Golden Ticket – an electronic or a physical letter, where these highly valuable and loyal customers write some nice and grateful words to say thank you to the agent. It was introduced in 2012 as a way of allowing Gold members to express gratitude for exceptional customer service. They can award it only once a year – that makes it something really special. And they can give it to anyone at British Airways: from the cabin crew to the Customer Service Agents.

Meikes Golden Ticket story: last minute family reunion

So far, I've never personally received a Golden Ticket, but my colleague and desk-buddy, Meike received one recently and was really excited. Meike comes from Germany and she is an exceptional FLYLINE employee, who really sets an example for all of us when it comes to defining what a Customer Service Agent should be! Most people get an electronic version of the ticket, but she got an actual letter – really appreciative in the digital age! Some of Meikes enthusiasm transferred to me as well.

So, I asked her some questions about her Golden Ticket:

Milena: "Was this your first Golden Ticket?"

Meike: "Yes, it was, after 3 years of working at FLYLINE, mainly for the UK/US market, but I also take German calls, and this was from a German customer. I think that German customers are the ones who give most of the golden tickets to us."

Milena: "How did you help this customer?"

Meike: "He was travelling in the USA and his flight back home wasn’t for quite some time. His wife was heavily pregnant, and the doctor said: "The baby might come earlier than expected." Changing his ticket to an earlier date was very expensive and he couldn't afford it. In this situation, we would normally ask the passenger to send us medical documents that support their claim so that we can change the ticket free of charge, but he didn't have time to obtain the document as the baby was due any minute. Since he was a gold member I decided not to ask for documents to change his flight to an earlier date. So, I changed his ticket free of charge and he was able to be present when his child was born."

Milena: "What a nice story! How did you feel when you received the Golden Ticket?"

Meike: "Amazing, pretty much. Really, really great. I was so surprised when I got the letter. Who was sending me a letter to work? I received an actual letter at work, while most of the people receive an electronic version of the ticket."

Milena: "How much time after helping the passenger did you receive it?"

Meike: "A month, something like that."

Milena: "Would you have done the same if you were a Gold member?"

Meike: "Of course, if I had this opportunity, and someone really helped me, of course."

Milena: "What advice would you give to your colleagues to help them to be on the receiving end of a Golden Ticket?"

Meike: "Try to be empathic and just look at the options you have to assist. Do what you can do to help."

Milena: "What are the benefits of receiving a Golden Ticket?"

Meike: "There is the possibility to be invited to a dinner in the UK. Every year, two of our employees from FLYLINE who have the most Golden Tickets go to an event in the UK, organized for exceptional employees and for Golden Members. So, it might happen that you actually eat and have fun with the person you helped. Other than that, the benefit is definitely that you know that you really helped someone. You are actually a hero for that person – and that is a really nice feeling."

Another way to show gratitude

A Golden Ticket isn't the only way for passengers to thank us. Not just Gold members, but all passengers can write compliments to our Customer Service Agents for outstanding service. These compliments then appear on the "Wall of Fame" here at FLYLINE, so that we can be reminded of how great we are, all the time. Seeing our own compliments there is really uplifting and makes us proud of ourselves. The "Wall of Fame" is located in our Bistro, making it visible to everyone and is an interesting read during lunchtime. For example, my team mate Mehrdad got the following compliment: “Mehrdad, your care and understanding was appreciated beyond words. I thank you for all your help in making it possible for me to visit my mama. Your willingness to go above and beyond is truly amazing. Be blessed. Forever in my story to tell. All my thanks.” This kind of recognition feels so great!

Before I started working for British Airways, I had never had an opportunity to help someone as much as I'm able to help passengers here. Sometimes passengers are in situations like Meike's passenger, or they need to return home to take an exam or to help a sick family member. So, many unpredicted things can happen, and we are able to turn an unpleasant situation into a more convenient one. It’s just like Meike said: being able to help others is an amazing reward that we get here at FLYLINE!


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