A great take-off into an amazing British Airways experience

The induction training at FLYLINE is like going back to school: you learn a lot, you have a bit of homework, you have some tests and great teachers. Actually, it’s even better than some school lessons: you’re learning for a real job while having lots of fun. It's also an initiation into a dynamic, challenging and unpredictable life of one of the biggest airlines in the world. But the best part of all is the great fun you have in overcoming those challenges with your classmates from all around the world.

All agents start their FLYLINE careers with a one-month induction training. When I heard that for the first time, I asked myself: "What is there to learn every day from 9 to 5 for the whole month? I know how to book or change flights online!". I think that at that time I couldn't really grasp the full complexity of working for a British Airways Customer Contact Center. After the training, when I started working in my team, I realized that there was so much more to be learned. The induction training gave me a solid basis for a good start – from theory, quality trainings, data protection, e-courses, listening-ins, airline geography and learning how the team functions, up to our all-rounder Pegasus.

Ready for take-off: The exciting way to become an Airline-Expert

During the induction training, our mixed class of international participants of all ages had a very close look into operations in a Customer Contact Center at British Airways (BA). Theory consists of learning what's possible and what's not, when it comes to fare rules, conditions of carriage, seats or baggage. There is a lot to be learned! Luckily, the trainers were not only knowledgeable, helpful and patient but they also motivated us with sweet treats a few times a day.

We also got an insight into the practical part: two times a week we had real contact with passengers through listening-in sessions. We would plug our headphones into their phones and just listen. This was a new experience for me and it gave me a good insight into what I might expect later. You also become an airline ticket expert that friends and family ask for help whenever they fly.

Three month later: in the middle instead of on the sideline

I also felt really encouraged by my colleagues whose calls I listened to. At the time of the training, these colleagues seemed to me as experts in all BA staff and I would think: "They must have been here for years." Actually, when I heard that many of them knew how to deal with all the problems after just a few months, I felt that I could do the same. Even if - after more than a year - I still have to ask my supervisor or colleagues about something, the basis I learned during the induction training is priceless. And, after only 3 months, I also started helping our new colleagues.

Pegasus: Our loyal companion 

Another part of the training and important tool for work is Pegasus. When a BA employee mentions Pegasus, they don't mean a mythical flying horse, but our system that does everything for us: it books and changes flights, adds seats and bags, cancels flights, refunds, etc. We even have a cute nickname for it: Peggy. Peggy can be very stubborn from time to time, but we learned how to tame it. We got to know how to make it comply with our requests and how to seek help on our internal social network. It may seem a bit intimidating on the first day, but towards the end of the training, I learned that it's rather easier than, for example, formatting text in Microsoft Word.

Office heroes and team spirit

The best part of the training is the actual atmosphere in the training room. It was a unique class made up of international people with different backgrounds and of different ages, coached by 2 or 3 trainers. It was also very nice to get to know a few of my future colleagues. I saw how supportive and quick supervisors and team leaders were. They are heroes at multi-tasking: reissuing tickets, having agents flying around them and asking for help like vultures, taking calls from remote agents, answering various question from agents yelling at them across the room and dealing with questions on Skype for business. All in all, it's a very dynamic and positive atmosphere.

All’s well that ends well

In conclusion, the training can be intense sometimes, but it's made up for by the incredible support from the trainers, team leaders, supervisors and all other colleagues. The people from my induction training are still my good friends. It seems funny now when I remember how we complained about Peggy or expressed disbelief at what we heard during listening-ins. Being in touch with people from each corner of the world and realizing how they cope with challenges is a unique and awarding experience. Even if practical experience brings lot of benefits: sometimes I miss those initial days.


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