Christmas time at FLYLINE, in Bremen and the world

When I was younger, I always preferred summers. Longer daylight, higher temperatures, holidays, splashing in the sea...sounds great right? Moving to a colder country like Germany, I never thought I will start to enjoy winter so much to consider it as one of my favourite times of the year. More precisely, I enjoy December the most. For me, December has become the synonym of Glühwein, roasted almonds, gingerbread, rosy cheeks from those minus degree temperatures and lots of laughs. It brings a feeling of coming closer, sharing love and spending wonderful time with colleagues, friends and family.

Comparison of Christmas celebrations between Germany and my country. 

Coming from a country where Christmas markets did not exist until a few years ago, to the country where they originated, had its impact of increasing my excitement and joy during this festive period. As a culturally and religiously mixed country, Albania celebrates Christmas in the popular traditional way. By the beginning of December most of the families put a Christmas tree in their houses (yes, even those who do not celebrate Christmas). A family dinner is served on December 24th and the church service is attended at midnight. The next day people exchange gifts and visit friends and relatives at their places. 

But unlike Germany, the city remains quite busy even though it is a bank holiday. Cafes, restaurants and pubs are open 24 hours that day and some young people may prefer having dinner out and dancing until early morning. On the other hand, in Germany, I have realized December 25th is one of the quietest days around cities.

Moreover, the Christmas market was never a tradition in Albania. Even though we had decorations and Christmas trees around the cities and in homes, Christmas markets weren’t introduced in my country until recently. About two or three years ago we brought in this tradition and started to settle a market in the main square of the capital city. I guess we must be thankful to Germany for inventing this lovely tradition that spreads warmth and lightens up the cities during the cold short days of wintertime. 

Christmas market in Bremen

From November 25th like every other city in Germany, Bremen turns into a wonderland full of lights and nice aromas. The city centre offers a perfect location for Christmas stalls surrounded by the old historic buildings. Every day until December 23rd people of all ages can enjoy different activities, food and drinks around the market squares in city centre, as well as alongside the river Weser. Traditional handicrafts are presented in the stalls and offer Christmas gifts ideas. The aroma of roasted almonds, bratwurst, pancakes and mulled wine spreads in every corner of each square. The markets are open until 9pm and offer a warm atmosphere to share with friends. Schlachte-Zauber market is what distinguishes Bremen from other cities during this festive period. With a promenade covered in wooden stuff, torch flames and vendors dressed in old costumes from the Middle Ages, it feels like walking back in time in a medieval village. It is best to visit this market when it gets dark and the entire street is lit up in blue. Small groups perform live music, accompanying people drinking wine and hot punch in the taverns next to the river. Craftsmen carry out their work in front of visitors, while others organise games among aromas of smoked salmon and grilled meat, creating perfect maritime vibes.    

Christmas time at Flyline

The Christmas spirit and festive atmosphere also spreads throughout our company. The Christmas tree and the decorations in each floor bring the festive mood, while our management team plays the role of Santa delivering the Flyline Advent calendar. Around mid-December we enjoy the lunch offered with a typical Christmas menu at our Bistro. Moreover, the small garden of the company turns into an Advent-hof twice in December with some nicely decorated stalls. Glühwein, fresh waffles and typical German cookies, followed by Christmas songs in the background, sprinkle the Christmas magic and offer a relaxing break from work.   

Besides the events management organises, different activities take place within teams during this period. Many get together and walk around the Christmas market enjoying food, drinks and the nice atmosphere. It is quite common to organise the “Secret Santa” within the team. One must pick up a random name and buy a gift for that person. We exchange gifts during our Christmas dinner, which is organised during the first or second weekend of December. Then we try to guess who the Secret Santa was. This game can turn out funny. For example, last year we had some misunderstanding and confusion with names in my team, and some people ended up with gifts not intended for them -  a huge chaos! In my team we have tried to book restaurants with different cuisines each year in order to enjoy the diversity that characterises us.

For the after-Christmas-time, Team Denver in the UK/US market has started a tradition of organizing a Kohlfahrt. Translated into English it has no meaning (Cabbage-tour), but we like to joke and call it a Cold-ride. For those of you who never heard of it, think of a bunch of people with a handcart full of drinks going on a tour around the city. This year it will be the 4th time this event has taken place, and usually it happens to be one of the coldest days of the year. The participants walk around the city stopping from time to time in different spots. The tour usually ends in a tavern, eating cabbage, drinking and dancing.  

Best wishes

One of the best parts of this holiday season is the opportunity to look back and appreciate all the good we have done and received, as well as look forward to a better year to come. To all my colleagues at Flyline and those who will join us: Thank you for doing such a great job and may this Christmas be filled with joy, peace and success.Merry Christmas!


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