Development at FLYLINE: More than just product trainings

Professional trainings and workshops for personality development - Training is very important to FLYLINE! Since every person has different strengths and weaknesses, we value a requirement-oriented support of employees. In order to prepare our colleagues for new challenges, we individually check what we need to train before new hires or promotions.

From product training to soft skill development

For new employees, their FLYLINE career always begins with our four week introductory training, also known as induction. Milena has already written about it in her article. The knowledge is taught completely by our internal trainers. I really admire our internal trainers for that – they bring a new group of employees through this huge program nearly every month. Of course, this is celebrated with each group at the end of the training. Our evenings at the Hegartys Pub or Pio in Bremen are Legendary!

But the four week training is not all. By and by, other products are trained. Such as the specifics of dealing with the British Airways (BA) Executive Club or travel agencies. Product trainings are always delivered by FLYLINE colleagues, who have received appropriate training. For other seminars we sometimes also use external trainers depending on the topic.

If a colleague takes on a new position internally or is promoted, they always receive a personal training plan at the start. This ensures a structured training in all important areas and thus facilitates the entry.

Moreover, there are soft skill and leadership trainings, especially if an employee has been promoted. These are partly carried out by external trainers. The topics we treat there are, amongst others, time management, performance review or leadership from a distance, for team leaders whose employees work from home. Sometimes I work as a coach too. So for example, the General Equal Treatment Act or the teaching of employment law is included in the curriculum for our team leaders. Since our company has become very multi-cultural in recent years, we have started a new topic "Intercultural cooperation". The topic was also very important to me. Even if I think as a Niederrheinerin "Jeder Jeck is anders und jeder anders jeck" - which means something like “everyone is different and unique on his own way” - but it is certainly quite good to understand why a non-German colleague works differently than myself.

In addition, from time to time, there are special events such as this one: 100 years of British Airways Plc. In March 2019 there was an incentive, to invite all executives at BA to London for a workshop. It was so cool: We met BA CEO Alex Cruz and he inspired us how to implement the BA vision – to be the best airline in the world. And as a nice side effect, it was once again great to fly with BA in business class and visit the lounge before departure!

Healthy employees - healthy company

Of course, the health of our employees is very important to us. That’s why we have undertaken a lot for the years 2018/19 in terms of health management. For example, all executives are trained on the topic of "healthy leadership". As a result, they learned how to contribute to a healthy working environment with their leadership behavior. In addition, 5 colleagues were trained by a health insurance company to become health coaches. These colleagues are offering different modules, in which they will show everyone else how we can deal with stress better and how to create a good work-life balance.

Recently, I took some time to talk to each FLYLINE executive about the topic of development. Where do we stand? What did you like? What else do we need? I was really surprised to hear that, among other things, the labor law updates pleased well - I always thought that is a dust-dry topic for the colleagues. In any case, we all agree that the exchange in a training is a great thing and that we can learn a lot amongst each other and from each other.


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