One day with…Elke: An employee that has been working at Flyline (almost) since the founding of the company

Elke has been working at FLYLINE for over 20 years now and has experienced a lot. I am glad that she took the time to answer some exciting questions

1. When and how did you end up at Flyline? And how big was the company when you started?

Flyline was founded in 1996 and I started on the 1st November 1998. At the time there were around 200 employees and we were looking for more for telephone service. Back then I was looking for a job where I could apply my language skills.

2. What did your job involve and what are you currently doing?

I was hired as a tele-sales agent - today known as Customer Service Agent - and I served British Airways markets in German, English and eventually French. In addition to general customer service, there was a lot of direct ticket sales on the phone. Electronic tickets were brand new and we had to explain to many customers that they would no longer get a paper ticket.

From 1999 I also worked as an induction trainer. In 2008 I took over the management of training and the development of internal quality management in matters of customer communication. Since the division of technical training and quality management, my main tasks have been in the areas of quality management and customer satisfaction. I design and implement workshops and trainings on these and other topics in the soft skills area. The creation of e-learning modules is an additional task that we are currently developing.

3. What is your favorite task and what do you like less?

Most of all: training, coaching, developing new concepts, and creatively developing new ideas for further development.

Not my favorite topic: Statistics and Reporting - nevertheless I know how important, informative and essential reporting is nowadays!

4. What motivates you to work with us? And which of our advantages do you benefit from the most?

I can hardly imagine anything better than working with my colleagues on customer service and communication in an international multicultural environment. I get so much positive energy and input and I like to pass it on.

In addition, I have the opportunity to work relatively independently for my specific area of responsibility. This is a very big advantage for me personally. General benefits include, of course, the local work environment, from the bright office to the beautiful break rooms and the green courtyard. This atmosphere is very important to me personally. And of course, we benefit from advantages such as the job ticket, which allows us to use public transport in Bremen free of charge.

5. What was the hardest time you ever had at Flyline since 1998?

The terror attack 9/11 and the time after. We just trained an induction group and had to drop out, all colleagues who were able to use a phone took calls. I don't remember the details of the conversation, it was like an accident - you just worked! A really extreme situation that I don't want to experience again. The subsequent economically difficult period is still in the memory of most of us. The aviation industry was of course particularly affected at the time.

6. What is the funniest story you could share with us?

After more than 20 years I am actually annoyed not to have written down a kind of "Best of" because there are endless funny and beautiful stories. But on the subject of "what customers ask for questions" I always think of one specific colleague. Immediately after her induction training, she started working on the phone and a customer showered her with so many questions that she was convinced that this could only be a test call from her trainer Karin. She took a deep breath and asked the caller: "Karin, is that you?" Well, it wasn't Karin her trainer - it was a customer who luckily took it with humor. Unfortunately, Karin herself is no longer with us, but everyone who got to know her still knows how to laugh with her. A nice memory.

Thank you for this interesting interview, Elke!

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