Teamwork, respect and personal growth – our FLYLINE values

In places where many different kinds of people congregate, shared values can help to create an agreeable and productive atmosphere to cooperate in. This is especially the case with us: because at FLYLINE we have people from many different cultures (link to the article 2 or 8) working here. These different personalities and the empathy shown by all employees, lets our customers know that we really do understand them, making them a hugely important part of our corporate culture. In order for the intercultural cooperation to run smoothly, we have created a number of clear values which we orientate ourselves on, and that we live on a daily basis.

It’s all about the people
Above we place a great deal of emphasis on teamwork. In a team made up of employees with so many different languages and cultures, a positive atmosphere is key for successful cooperation. This is the reason why mutual respect the number one priority for us. We value the diversity and are proud of how open our teams are. Helping one another and ensuring together, we take the best possible care of our customers: That is the kind of teamwork we all love.

Focussing on further development
It is always exciting to begin a new job: new colleagues, new tasks and challenges. In order to keep things exciting in the long term, we focus on varied possibilities for further development, because personal development is an important topic for us. At FLYLINE we offer all our employees the support they need at any given time. Even unusual career opportunities are no rarity here – because everyone gets the chance to discover their own personal strengths and to use them to their full potential. My colleague Romina Gallardo Boccado for example, went from being a Service Agent, through to Trainer and ultimately Team Leader.

The feel-good factor
FLYLINE expects a high level of commitment from its employees, but in return offers many benefits, which make working here more enjoyable. It begins with the possibility of working remote: those who wish to work from home or another location, can do so without any problem. Job-Tickets and discounted travel – for example for flights – can also be used by our employees. We also offer opportunities to improve general health. Something else that is especially important to for us: We offer varied possibilities for a better work life balance. This all adds to an atmosphere in which you can really feel comfortable in. 

The FLYLINE cooperation guidelines
In order to be able to live these values during our everyday work, we have created a set of guidelines, to which we all commit ourselves to – regardless of the position one occupies. 

1. ”I keep my promises.“
I keep my word. My colleagues can rely on my support and conscientiousness – regardless of their position or department. I communicate openly and honestly, am well organised and inform colleagues and customers of decisions that may concern them.  

2. “I am a part of Flyline.“
I promote a positive impression of FLYLINE – in everything I say or do. I express myself in such a way that everyone can understand, adopt a positive and open body language and the same kind of attitude. I work in a highly professional manner and ensure that my work fulfils the high standards put in place by FLYLINE.

3. ”I behave correctly.“
I comply with the guidelines, requirements and safety regulations at work. Should these standards not be observed by others, I will intervene. I remain level-headed when things get hectic and gladly share my experience and knowledge with colleagues. 

4. ”I find solutions.“
I take responsibility and use all of the possibilities at my disposal, to find solutions for problems or tasks. If something goes wrong I will apologise sincerely. Should a problem arise I emphasise on what I can do, and not on those that I can’t – searching for a solution instead of someone to blame. I find new ways to increase customer satisfaction. 

5. ”I respect everyone as an individual.“
I value my internal and external customers as individuals and respect other cultures and opinions. I adapt to the needs and interests of others and make sure that they feel welcome and comfortable at Flyline.

These values have a direct effect on our corporate culture, because at FLYLINE, these guidelines and values don’t just exist on paper, but are lived during our daily work and beyond.


Position at FLYLINE: 
Manager Human Resources & People Development 


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… she loves the travel industry and working together with people.

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