Career development: My pathway to Team Leader

About 6 years ago I started working as a Customer Service Agent at FLYLINE, directly after my studies. After a relatively short period of time, I moved up to the position of Team Leader. The journey was tough, but always exciting and full of new challenges. But let us start from the beginning:

I started work at FLYLINE in the wonderful city of Bremen after finishing my Masters in International Tourism. I started with five weeks of training in a wonderful environment and with dedicated trainers, teaching me the essentials to get me ready to start my job. With them I discovered a new world: The airline world! 

I learned how to handle a reservations system, new terminology, including how to work within a multicultural group. I had colleagues from all around the globe - ranging from Greece to Latin-America - all with different backgrounds and ages.

Additional duties early on

Once I had completed the “Induction Training”, my work as Service Agent for the Spanish and Latin-American market started. Two months later, I faced a new challenge: I joined the Executive Club-Training and had the pleasure of serving our loyal customers. I just loved it! Working with British Airways Executive Club members has the benefit of working with customers who know our airline and know exactly what they want. In addition, we know exactly what they need as loyal customers.

This is a perfect combination to get the best results for our customers.

A new task: Technical support for travel agencies

But working for two different products was not enough for me. Therefore, my Team Leader offered me more training. Of course, I happily accepted it: after two days training, I was ready to technically assist our colleagues, the travel agents.

For me, supporting the travel agencies was an important experience. They work with a large number of different airlines, all with different conditions and regulations – not an easy job. Ultimately, working together with travel agencies was an excellent experience. 

Promotion to trainer after two yearsThe variety offered by working for our three products helped to keep my days interesting and enjoyable – and they still are. But enjoying and having fun at work, doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to develop my career at FLYLINE. It was at that moment, after two years working as a customer service agent, that I wanted more! And FLYLINE offered a suitable perspective: I became a trainer. As a trainer I oversaw the Executive Club and was involved in the Induction training. What I enjoyed most was the ability and the passion to share my knowledge with new colleagues, who were always willing to learn everything about the system and the customers. I was grateful for the experience of assisting and supporting the new agents with their first calls. I had this lovely role for two years, until my ambitious side told me “You are ready to face a new challenge!”

Finally managed it: I am Team Leader

After a hard and long assessment, I successfully became a Team Leader. It was the first time in FLYLINE history that a trainer became a Team Leader. I lead an English-Spanish team – what a positive and interesting mix of people! And what a challenge for the Team Leader. The thing I like most is the amazing cultural diversity of our team. We are 12 people who come from 9 different and interesting countries. 

This diversity makes collaboration in our company unique and special – at least in my eyes. Our customers are sometimes first-time travellers or have saved money for the vacation of a lifetime. We are in the position to make a lasting impression for British Airways and also for the traveller. There is nothing better than leaving the workplace and feeling you have made a positive contribution to someone’s life. We like to think out of the box rather than offering standard solutions, and for this we need creativity. I strongly believe that the best ideas come from the dialogue of different points of view. 

As every team at FLYLINE holds a city name, I named our team Miami - because of the diversity and the Latin-American mix of the city.  Even the unofficial language in Miami, “Spanglish”, has become our official language.

Still not the end: New challenge UK/US-Market 

I take the job very seriously: for me being a Team Leader means to always be there to guide the group to be successful. We set clear objectives, and we work hard together to achieve them. One example that I can mention is the quality aspect of our daily work. As you can Imagine as a new team quality was not our strongest point. We discussed this issue in one of our team meetings, we built on our own strategy and we applied it. Today, I am proud to say that quality has become one of our strengths!

Being a Team Leader for one year and eight months kept me busy. But It did not stop me looking for new challenges. I recently switched to the UK/US market and I am now proudly a part of the HR ambassador program. I am happy to have been given the opportunity to develop myself, both, personally and professionally, and to share my positive experience at FLYLINE with my friends, with work colleagues and with the entire society. I really love that.

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