Lunch time at FLYLINE: More than just a meal

To Eat or Not To Eat: That Is The Question. How do you spend your lunch break? It´s a lunch break, so one should obviously eat, right? Well, not if you’re in FLYLINE. We have the possibility to do even more.  Let me fill you in.

Break for couch-potatoes
If you´re anything like me, you probably like to unwind reading a book, watching a movie or even sleeping. If you´re a couch potato – like I am, you might be inclined to skip the food and dash for that episode of House of Cards. That´s what I do. Well I don´t exactly skip the food because I nibble throughout the day – my second favorite thing to do. During the break I quickly head to the break room, silently praying that one of the loungers will nicely be available for me. You can imagine my satisfaction as I lie down to spend the next 40 minutes in my book, audio book or napping. Even though the break room will soon be renovated and I look forward to the new colors, I'd like to say that the color and lighting of the room inspires quietness. The mid-afternoon calm that tells your brain, “relax but don´t forget you have to go back to work.”

Culinary highlight
Relaxed on that lounger I can hear the laughter of my colleagues as they share anecdotes over their delicious meals in the bistro. The friendly cook daily offers three to four meal options to choose from and purchase for part of the cost. What is particularly beautiful during the summer is the blooming garden right in front of the bistro. You can enjoy your meal in the nice weather and watch the ducks dance in the pond. I´ll say that´s probably the most beautiful place on the premise to be during the warm months.

Because of the company´s proximity to the airport we have access to even more eateries and gardens. Some colleagues enjoy walking, as such they stroll to the airport or to the green comely garden nearby, with a bigger pond. There´s something therapeutic about walking in calm and beautiful space.

Re-energizing lunch breaks
Some colleagues prefer to unwind during their lunch breaks and therefore use up their breaks by either relaxing in our massage chair or booking an appointment with our in-house massage professional. There’s nothing like dealing with a stressful day with a soothing massage, one feels truly refreshed when returning to work after a break.

One of my colleagues, Birgit, particularly recommends spending every possible lunch break in the massage chair. She uses it regularly and claims the massage chair has the ability to take the stress right away from her neck and shoulders. The way she describes the massage chair makes me think it’s truly hidden a world wonder: multiple massage programs, the ability to focus on specifics areas of the body or even varying length massages. 

As I was writing this, it hit me: I might’ve just ignored one of the hidden jewels in the company. Somehow my preference for having a little nap or enjoying a good read made me reluctant to look beyond my comfy lounge corner. After such a pitch, maybe I’ll jump into the massage chair myself soon. You never know until you try, right? How about you? How do you spend your lunch breaks?


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